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My name's Lilianne, but whatever call me Lily.
Lars Eller is my idol.
I made Brandon Prust laugh once.
Like Hockey, Degrassi, Football and movies.

"Nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau, à vous toujours de le porter bien haut..."


I can’t fucking believe someone flagged my boob job video. I spent SIX FUCKING ENTIRE MONTHS documenting my experience. I worked harder on that video than ANY of my other videos. And YouTube deleted it because someone flagged it as inappropriate. What the fuck is wrong with some people? That video was purely for educational purposes. All I want to do is HELP people and this is what I get in return?!



remember when david backes beat up nathan mackinnon that was funny

remember how it was “gutless” because nathan is “only 18” lol that was my favorite part

Rebecca English ‏@RE_DailyMail 
Prince William & the Duchess of Cambridge sign the First Fleet Bible - note Princess Diana’s signature #RoyalVisitAus


That player you just called dirty? A pipe burst in his house and he hasn’t been able to shower because the plumbing service has been awful. Think before you speak.

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  • nobody cares if you don’t like Crosby
  • a lot of people don’t like him, you’re not special
  • nobody is offended by your “Crosby Sucks” shirt
  • we’re laughing at you because your hatred towards him is so consuming that you’d rather wear something with his name on it than buy something supporting your own team

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  • sext: I have season tickets

Martin Reway drafted by the Montreal Canadiens 4th round, 116th overall.


normal blogs following hockey fans right now


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that damn NFL hockey always cutting into shows about weed.